Narelda Jacobs

Eye Missed it News
Not just journalism... no journalism at all!

Is Narelda looking for another job? It wouldn't surprise us as it seems everyone is getting the
chop at Channel 10. Is this town big enough for the extra free to air channel??

Well, its only a matter of time before the hemorrhaging of the
financials at Ten mean the end of TEN as we know it (or knew it).

Check out the mediawatch story here


Lets have a counting competition:

How many stories about law breakers, crime, tragedy and heartbreak will the
next edition of Eye Missed It News carry before it does a story that is not about
these things?? Perhaps as bad as Channel 9 where the first 20 minutes in a bulletin
last week was just that!


older info:

Channel TEN continues to deal out rubbish especially
with Mike Munroe making derogatory comments towards Malaysia
Flight into Perth that "couldn't find Pearce Airbase"
On March 21 he said that if they couldn't find Pearce, then what hope was there?

Mike!!.... it was supposed to go to Perth International...and the invite was to go to Pearce if the Pilot wanted to.

More: 24 March
A news caption during the ongoing stretched out missing plane story,
indicated the Pilot being interviewed was a Group Captain.
OMFG...since when have GC's been that young.??
Yet, their previous stories with this pilot have indicated he is a Flt Lieutenant.
Watch the bouncing ball here: Pilot Officer, then
Flying Officer, then Flt Lt, then Sqdrn Ldr, then Grp Captain.
All the way to Binskin (nice guy!)

We have to make an admission....we don't watch Ten anymore...
but now and then we get a glimpse of Eye Missed It News.